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Move it or Lose it 

Personal Training for the older adult. 

"Move it or lose it" is my older adult personal training package. With 2 sessions per week, one 1-1 Pilates session and a strength session. I use my expertise and knowledge to help keep you moving, supple and strong. 

I am also available for "Move it or Lose it" group exercise bookings at care homes or community centres. 

1-1 Pilates

Pilates is widely known to be a huge benefit for both body and mind. With a mixture of deep core strengthening exercises and stretching for flexibility. It is essential to add to your routine as we get older to promote good poster and prevent back and joint pain.  

Elderly Woman at Gym

Strength Training 

As we age our bones lose density and we become prone to Osteoperosis. Strength training helps keep our bones strong and able to cope with day to day life. A good strength training regime will help reduce the risk of developing osteoperosis or prevent it from progressing so quickly. 

Weight Lifting

Group Exercise

I am fully insured and qualified to deliver first class group exercise sessions at care homes and community groups for older adults. 

Senior Citizen Exercise Class
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