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Fitness Class


Fitness Classes delivered directly at your business. All that's needed is a good clear space such as an unused meeting room or office space. Available classes include Pilates, HIIT and Body Weight Conditioning.


This is a popular trend in the fitness & Business world today. Improving staff moral by having a wellness day is a great way to improve your staff's mood and health. By providing your employees with the experience of learning about their health and fitness from educational seminars and also getting the chance to try a new fitness activity could inspire them to a better and healthier life. In return this could lead to an improvement in absence figures in the future.

For more information and a quote for a bespoke wellness day or at your Business please get in touch.

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Bespoke health & fitness seminars tailored to your business demands.


Help reduce absence with back care information or/and Nutritional education to empower your employees to make better health choices.

Health and Fitness is not only about breaking a sweat in the gym it's also about self improvement and learning simple steps that can make a huge difference to overall health. With a better informed workforce with a healthier knowledge of what it takes to feel better and be fitter this will only improve your business. 

Each member of staff gets the chance to get a FREE Nutrition and Exercise pack if they wish which includes a meal plan and basic exercise plan.


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