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The end is in sight...

So it finally feels like the end of lockdown is in sight. I am out training people 1-1 again and in small groups of 5 and it feels great. The support and demand from people has been amazing. I feel like I did when I first qualified just way more knowledgeable and experienced but with that same buzz and fresh feeling from 10 years ago.

I have really enjoyed being outdoors, well for the first half of the week anyway... 28 degrees Monday and Tuesday then from Wednesday it was a different experience

training out in the blustery rainy conditions.

But it was still just as fun!

The sessions are very different, obviously more stringent heath and safety procedures with sanitation and ensuring I am at least 2m away from my clients at all time and making sure the Bootcamp participants are also keeping to that same distance from each other also. This in some ways has made coaching more fun and challenging. Being more vocal in my teaching points and detailed in my demonstrations has really brought back more enthusiasm to my work.

In my 1-1 sessions I have come up with a "circle of death" system. I create a large circle with a 3m distance from the centre where my client completes their AMRAP workout. It has worked really well and my clients have really enjoyed the system as they feel safe and secure with the parameters in place. They have been able to really push themselves. I also provide sanitiser, wipes and bring my sound system for motivation. The Bootcamps I have implemented a 3m/4m distanced grid system that holds 5 people. This has been very effective in maintaining consistent distance between clients and for me to provide effective coaching.

So guys if you haven't got out there and experienced some outdoor 1-1 sessions or a small group class I really recommend you do as it's great fun. Contact your local Personal Trainers, support them and help them pick their businesses back up :)

Love KW

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