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Joint pain from running?

So many of us have downloaded Strava and decided to take up running since the Gym's have closed due to Covid19. That's great it is always good to challenge the body and do something new. However the problem is in my first sentence, a lot of us have started running when have never ran before and we have jumped into smashing 5 and 10kms out as fast as we can in competition with our Insta followers and friends.

I have had quite a few people ask me what they can do to help with joint pain after running, my answer.. "stop running so much and chill Mo Farah".

If your joints are feeling it currently then get the bike out and do some low impact exercise for a while until you feel better and also maybe try building some strength in the leg muscles by doing resistance training to help support those poor jolted knees from the hammering they have had down these country lanes for the last 6 weeks!

When you feel better start back doing shorter distances and see how you feel. If you feel good at say 2km then try and improve your time by increasing your intensity. If you're really running for fat burning purposes then why not try sprint reps? You work harder in half the time and it's less time spent smashing your patellas to pieces. If your problems persist then seek professional medical advice and don't be a hero!

If you're really concerned about adding those extra pounds during lockdown, endless cardio isn't always the answer look at your nutrition and your calorie intake. Ask yourself can that be improved to ensure your keeping your weight in check. There are many other forms of exercise that may suit you better. If you need advice I am here :).

Take it easy. Love KW

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