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Is lockdown the perfect time to change your diet?

Since the lockdown we have all had more time to cook and prepare meals, but how many of us have made an active effort to improve our diets despite having more time to learn new recipes and enjoy cooking?

If you are used to just chucking a prepared meal in the microwave or oven and never cooking meals from scratch, why not choose this time to learn a new skill?

People have developed a misconception that healthy eating is boring and tasteless, which couldn't be further from the truth. When following a solid recipe plan, you can control the amount of calories, sugar, salt and bad fats in your meals and add the flavours you love the most with spices and herbs. I have developed some amazing healthy recipes here go check them out.

Another issue is impulse buying crap! Sorry but there is no other way to put it crisps, chocolate, random things that look appealing to the eye when you walk past them, just don't buy them! If you don't have them in the house then you can't eat them. Instead, think about snacking on fruit to satisfy the sweet tooth and nuts and seeds for those savoury cravings. Now calm down, I'm not saying you cant eat treats but be sensible maybe a have a treat day once per week in which you can have a favourite naughty meal or dessert.

Now I know if you have never eaten well before it may be a little daunting but don't worry there is so much help and advice out there to get you started. If you would like some guidance get in touch with me I will be happy to steer you in the right direction and set you off on your healthy eating journey.

Take Care. Love KW

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